Free Chat Feature for Dealers and Buyers

Machineseeker has become even more user-friendly with our new chat feature. Using the chat feature, prospective buyers can contact the respective dealer quickly and easily. As long as the seller is logged into his Machineseeker account, the prospective customer will be in both the list of search results as well as the product pages that the dealer is currently online. A click on “Start Chat” opens the chat window in which communication is possible in real time. Both parties can thus save valuable time and clarify open questions promptly.

According to a study by Forrester Research, one of the most important features of websites is the possibility to make contact with the seller via live chat. But not only buyers benefit from the easier way of communication, but also our dealers. This way sellers receive more requests and can process them faster. As a dealer, you can easily chat with multiple people at the same time, which is a huge advantage over other channels. For prospective buyers from abroad, the language barrier is reduced during the initial contact by means of the chat feature. In this way, high telephone charges can also be avoided.

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