Machineseeker customer takes over manufacturer of machine tools

The well-established machine tool manufacturer UMARO becomes part of the REM group, which produces vertical lathes and provides services for the metal industry.

As a result to many years of cooperation with Machineseeker, REM’s sales have increased, allowing the group now to expand. The aim of the takeover is to combine the expertise of the two companies.

“We are now at the top of the machine tool companies in Romania,” says General Manager Claudiu-Florin Tâmpu, on whose initiative REM was founded in 2000. “This can also be attributed to our cooperation with Machineseeker, as the online marketplace has enabled us to expand our reach internationally and therefore increase our turnover”.

Right now, REM wants to invest in modernising equipment and the hall, constructing various machines and generating new jobs. In addition, a continuous improvement of the production technologies and process automation will take place in order to be able to continue to guarantee high quality.

“Of course, we will continue working with Machineseeker. The website makes it much easier for us to sell our machines. We wouldn’t want to miss that!”

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