A new member in the Machineseeker Group family – Werktuigen

The comapines' managing directors

The Machineseeker Group has acquired werktuigen.nl – the Nr. 1 marketplace for used machinery in Benelux – and thereby has become the market leader in all European countries.

When our director Thorsten founded Maschinensucher.de in 1999, he didn’t know that a Dutchman called Jaap Nell had the same idea. Over the last 20 years, the Machineseeker Group has become the leading platform for used machinery in Europe. Werktuigen.nl has been our most potent adversary in Benelux until today. The integration of the Machineseeker Group’s competitor makes us the No. 1 for used machinery not only in Europe but in every single European country. 

Jaap Nell, who maintained Werktuigen with the help of his daughter Andrea and a small team in the last 20 years, is happy that his platform has become part of the Machineseeker Group: 

The time has come to find a strong partner for our company. I am sure that the Machineseeker Group is the perfect partner for our platform

Benefits for dealers and prospective buyers

Especially our customers profit from our leading position in the market. 

Through the providers’ collaboration, we can offer a cost-effective alternative to American companies like Google and Amazon. Like this, our customers can permanently sell their machines at a fair price throughout Europe
explains Thorsten Muschler. 

Besides, we substantially strengthen our network for used machinery through the merger of the companies. Now, our dealers can reach up to 7 million prospective buyers per month on our various platforms  – maschinensucher.de, machineseeker.com, truckscout24.com, werktuigen.de, werktuigen.be and w-equipment.com. Thereby, sellers can save the effort of maintaining multiple marketplaces and can focus on the one which yields the most inquiries. Furthermore, prospective buyers’ profit from the extended range of machinery without the difficulty of searching elaborately for the right machine on various platforms.

New sponsor for Michael van Gerwen

Another person, who is pleased with the merger is Michael van Gerwen. The dutchman has won the darts world championship three times and is sponsored by the Machineseeker Group since 2018. When our CMO asked him to become a German, he rejected laughingly. Now he is even happier that a Dutch company became part of the group. Werktuigen.nl is going to be Michaels’ jersey sponsor during the next world championship. 

Michael van Gerwen thumbs up



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