Machineseeker Group awards scholarships

The Machineseeker Group awards three scholarships for the winter term 21/22. The company’s offer aims specifically at first-year students from non-academic households.

“Education is highly valued in our society and a key factor of social advancement. Therefore, everyone should have the opportunity to study at a university” says Sven Schmidt, managing director of the Machineseeker Group. Nevertheless, graduates from households without an academic background rarely begin a course of study. The Machineseeker Group wants the scholarships to help reduce barriers to entry and provide better future opportunities.

For this reason, the company awards a scholarship for each of its core brands Machineseeker, the German equivalent Maschinensucher and TruckScout24. The scholarships of 500 euros per month have a runtime of 12 month each. In addition to this, the scholarship recipients are given the opportunity to finance their study and combine theory and practice through a working student position within the Machineseeker Group. “Education has long been a matter close to my heart. I am therefore pleased even more that we as the Machineseeker Group are able to support graduates from our region in their decision to pursue an academic education“ says Thorsten Muschler, founder & CEO of the Machineseeker Group.

Applications are open to high school graduates who will begin their studies in a STEM subject (science, technology, engineering or mathematics) at a university or college in the region around the Machineseeker Group’s headquarter (Ruhr area and Dusseldorf) in the winter term 21/22. More information for potential scholarship recipients is available here.

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