10 valuable tricks for buying used machines online

The easiest way to find offers for used machines nowadays is on the internet. On our online marketplace Machineseeker.com there are over 200,000 used machines and the largest offer of verified dealers. With more than 9 million million visitors per month we are the leading marketplace in Europe. From 20 years of experience we have compiled the ten most valuable pieces of advice for buying machines online.

Used machines usually involve large sums of money. A certain amount of caution is naturally advisable when buying. For this reason, transactions on our marketplace are not conducted directly via the internet. As a prospective buyer, you can simply send the seller an inquiry using a form or contact him directly by telephone.

1. Get a market overview

Get an overview of the different used machines for your application on Machineseeker.com. Use the search, detailed search or the category overview.

2. Compare offers for machines

Don’t buy the first machine that comes along. Compare several offers from different sellers with each other and then make your purchase decision.

3. Pay attention to trust seals

Trusted dealers can be certified and show that they are trustworthy. All listings of dealers certified by Machineseeker.com are marked with the trust seal.


4. Compare financing

Inform yourself in detail and obtain several financing offers. Since these vary greatly, you have the opportunity to save money. Take a little time to compare the offers and decide in the end which one suits you best.

5. Ask for references

Ask the dealer for references. This will give you an even better impression of your business partner.

6. Inspect and test the machine

Inspect and test the machine before purchase. This is to ensure that the machine is in the described condition.

7. Negotiate the purchase price of the machine

Probably the best known trick: Talk to the seller about the price. Often a simple demand is enough and you will get a discount.

8. Use a sample sales contract


Avoid legal disputes in advance. Use the Machineseeker.com sample sales contract when purchasing. This contract is available in 9 languages and can be downloaded immediately free of charge as PDF.

Download the sample contract now!

9. Ask for documentation

Ask for documentation on the history of the machine. Has the machine been serviced professionally and at the prescribed intervals? Make sure that you also receive the operating instructions.

10. Handle the transport of the machine yourself

Often dealers will offer you a “complete package”. This includes, for example, the transport of the used machine. Here the dealer usually earns money. So if you know your way around, you can handle the transport yourself and save money.

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