Greater visibility on with perfect listings

Use our tips for listings and achieve higher visibility on Machineseeker with little extra effort. As a result of the increased visibility you receive more inquiries and obtain thus more sales.

What are you going to learn in this article?

  • How to achieve greater visibility in search results
  • How customers can easily find your offers using our search function
  • How our Machineseeker Trust Seal supports you as a dealer

 You should consider this when creating your advertisements:

1. The perfect title

The title of your advertisement is made up of three parts:

  • Machine type (e.g. Jig Boring Machine)
  • Manufacturer (e.g. GSP)
  • Model (e.g. 453-FP-10-N 16)

A good title decides whether a customer will find you easily using our search function. Therefore, the three form fields should be filled in as conscientiously as possible in your own interest. Pay attention in particular to the correct spelling of the names in order to achieve ideal results. This is especially important for manufacturer names with a hyphen.

2. The right condition

An exact description of the condition helps interested parties to find the suitable machine directly. This criterion is particularly advantageous for the extended filter search. It also saves you time-consuming inquiries.

3. The ideal description

Basically, more information is better. The customer can get a comprehensive overview, which leads to more efficient communication. Please provide the technical details and indicate whether the machine can be inspected under power at the location. In addition, Machineseeker is an international marketplace. Despite our automatic translation into over 60 languages, it is advantageous to do it manually. Describe your machine in several languages to reach an even larger number of prospective buyers.

4. Pictures are the be-all and end-all

A picture is worth a thousand words. Listings with pictures are statistically more successful. Advertisements without pictures are looked at by the fewest buyers at all. Use our photo check list and display meaningful pictures of your machine.

Photo checklist:

  • At least five pictures (complete and detailed views)
  • High resolution
  • Good light (ideally daylight, not against the sun)
  • Neutral background
  • A clean Machine
  • Only use images you hold the rights to
  • No additional logo placed over the image

In addition to expressive images, you can also stand out from the crowd by including good YouTube videos and product PDFs in your offer.


This will also help you:

The Machineseeker Trust Seal

The Machineseeker Trust Seal is an important component of our search function. In addition to many other advantages of the Trust Seal, our algorithm rewards the advertisements of our certified dealers with a higher position in the search results list. This leads to measurably more inquiries for your offers.


Apply for your Trust Seal here: Machineseeker Trust Seal


The customer contact

When entering your contact details, make sure that you enter an e-mail address and telephone number including the country code where you can be reached. If you travel a lot it makes sense to also enter your mobile phone number. Make it as easy as possible for your customers to reach you. Short communication channels lead to more sales.

Update your listings

Keep your listings up to date. Make changes and take sold machines offline. Only transparency and honest communication give buyers the opportunity to remember you as a professional seller.