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You will learn in this article:

  • What is a manual import?
  • What is an automatic import?
  • What are the advantages of automatic import?
  • Is there a manual for automatic import?

A smooth data import process at

With Machineseeker it becomes easy for you to advertise your machines. We take over the marketing, so your listings will be seen by as many potential buyers as possible. We make the entry of the listings very easy for you. If you have many machines you want to sell, we offer you simple solutions for a fast import. In this article we will discuss the possibilities we offer you for an optimal data import, in addition to the classic entry.

As soon as you have booked a plan, you will be able to use our tool for data import. With the help of this module it is easy for you to insert your machine database into our system and keep it always up to date. And that without great effort. There are two possibilities for you to enter your data in our system:

Manual import

To import your data manually, select the manual data import. This method is suitable for you if you have not yet uploaded your machines to your own online presence. To do this, you manually create an Excel list in which you enter the available machines. For a smooth process you have the possibility to download a sample file. So it is easy for you to enter your machines there and upload the completed file. We have described the exact procedure in detail in our help file.

Automatic import

The option of automatic import is available to you from booking the Dealer Professional plan with 10 machines.

The big advantage of an automatic import is the reduction of the effort and the time saved. This is particularly noteworthy, as it is no longer necessary to manually enter your already entered stock again. The data synchronizes automatically with the server of your website. This makes it easier to import many data at the same time.

Other solution are also supporting the automatic import. In addition to the Machineseeker import, the integration of listings is possible with Liftfinder, LogoTech and Hexon, for example.

For you this means:

  • A faster handling of the import
  • Import of several machines simultaneously
  • Time saving
  • Lower employee costs, if applicable

This leaves you more time for sales talks and therefore you can sell more of your used machines faster.

Especially for dealers who offer a lot of machines and have already uploaded them on their own website, this option is very easy to use.

The import is done in a few steps:

First, an import file is created. The is exported from an existing database. Now you develop an expert routine once. The resulting file is uploaded to with one click and is then validated. At this point you can check whether your file may contain errors. After possible error correction you can now synchronize your data fully automatically with your data stock. For this purpose you provide the corresponding import file on a server of your choice.

As with the manual import option, you can include pictures, documents and videos. In order to avoid the amount of information becoming too large here, create this data on your web server and transfer the addresses of these media in the corresponding import file. Machineseeker optimizes this for you and checks all data for possible viruses.

By means of the automated import, a CSV file available on your server can be downloaded directly from Machineseeker via the specified URL address. This saves you from double work. The automatic import ensures that your information is always up to date. The inventory imports fully automated every night. In addition, the quality of the transferred data is higher here than with a manual import.