Larger than a TV Tower

tallest cranes in the world

They are larger than a television tower and can carry twice the weight of the Eiffel Tower. The top 10 largest and strongest cranes in the world are simply incredible. We introduce you to the ranking published by the online marketplace and go beyond your imagination.

The crawler-type crane Liebherr LR 13000 exceeds the world’s highest church tower – the Ulm Cathedral (162m) – by as much as 86 metres. This makes it the world’s largest mobile crane. Inconceivable: By combining the 120 m long main mast with the 126m long luffing jib, the monstrous lattice mast system achieves an impressive 246 m.

“The crane can be assembled on site from several individual parts in no time at all and is immediately ready for use”, explains Thorsten Muschler of, the world’s leading online marketplace for used stationary machinery. Unbelievable: The monster can carry up to 3,000 tons of ballast at a tare weight of just over 600 tons – more than ten large trucks. This makes it the largest crawler crane in the world.

  • Liebherr LR 13000: With its height of 246 metres, the Liebherr LR 13000 is the world's tallest crawler crane – higher than the Stuttgart TV tower, for example! Before being transported, it is dismantled into smaller parts, brought to the place of use and reassembled in no time at all. Its total carrying capacity is an impressive 3,000 tons. Source: Liebherr
  • The Terex Demag CC 8800-1 TWIN is the second largest crane in the world in the top 5. Its overall height reaches an unbelievable 243 metres – making the monster only 3 metres smaller than Liebherr's crane in 1st place. Source: Terex Cranes Germany
  • The Liebherr LR 11000 is the predecessor of the first-ranked model and despite its compact design, the mobile crane is 222 metres high and has a total weight of 1,000 tonnes. Source: Liebherr
  • The 4th place in our ranking is occupied by the predecessor model of the second-place winner. Unimaginable: The lattice boom crane with its height of 216 meters is bigger than the Washington Monument (169 m high). Source: Terex Cranes Germany
  • The last in our ranking of the world's 5 tallest crawler cranes is the Terex Demag CC 6800-1, which is 204 metres high and can carry a proud 1,250 tonnes of ballast. Source: Terex Cranes Germany


The most powerful crane in the world is the Thialf – with a length of 200 metres and a width of 90 metres, the floating crane is as large as two football pitches in a row. In addition, the giant has room in its cabins for up to 736 people, as much as two passenger aircrafts.

Incomprehensible: Due to its enormous carrying capacity, the monster can carry up to 14,200 tons of ballast. That’s the weight of an average submarine. The Dutch manufacturer HMC Heerema carries the world record for the highest load-bearing capacity.

  • Unbeatable: With a length of 200 metres, a width of 90 metres and a carrying capacity of 14,200 tonnes, the world's most powerful crane ship can lift the total weight of 25 passenger aircraft – ranked first in the ranking! Source: HMC Heerema Marine Contractors
  • The runner-up is 197.5 metres long and 87 metres wide. With only two small cranes, it transports a total weight of 14,000 tons – more than 10 large trucks! Source: Malte Kopfer
  • Incredible: The 182 m long Korean boasts 8 individual cranes with a total lifting capacity of 10,000 tons, so that he can easily carry the Eiffel Tower – 3rd place in the composition! Source: HYUNDAI SAMHO HEAVY INDUSTRIES CO., LTD.
  • The 102.7-metre long and 71.8-metre wide Svanen ship crane occupies fourth place in the ranking. It is mainly used for assembly work on bridges and wind farms. Its carrying capacity is an impressive 8,700 tons. Source: Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors bv
  • The semi-diving Japanese lies up to 28.2 meters below the surface of the ocean. With its lifting capacity of 8,100 tons, the powerful crane ship occupies the last place in our ranking. Source: HMC Heerema Marine Contractors

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