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As an entrepreneur you invest time, money and effort in your business every day. In return for these investments you expect worthwhile returns. But how do you evaluate which expenses really pay off? What you will discover in this article:

  • How to determine the value of for your business.
  • Which key figures you can and should achieve with
  • How to determine your personal ROI with

The calculation of the ROI (Return on Investment) is considered a classic among the business “rules of thumb” and helps to evaluate your investments whether they are profitable or not. For this purpose the ROI calculation formula puts the invested capital in relation to the achieved profit. This makes it easy for you to evaluate the value you achieve for your investment.

Based on the data of our more than 20-year success story, we at have found an easy way to support you as a machine dealer in collecting relevant key figures. Therefore we have introduced the success calculator, which you can access in your user account as well as via the following link.

After entering your data, the success calculator shows you relevant data for your machine portfolio in real time and gives you information about the following success-relevant key figures. In addition, you will receive key figures about concrete achievable sales figures per month, the return on your investment and not to forget the number of sales contacts to be expected.

Machine Trade Doe
John Doe currently has 50 machines in his warehouse – and decides to become a member with 50 advertisements. He offers all his machines on, and already in the first month as well as the following months he receives 50 purchase requests for his articles. With an average machine value of 7 500,- € and a margin of 40 percent, these inquiries lead to 48 sales – and thus 360 000,- € turnover with 144 000,- € profit. With costs of only 2 388,- € net in the tariff Pro 50. ROI = (turnover – product use – costs machine searcher) / costs machine searcher = (360 000 € – 216 000 € – 2 388 €) / 2 388 € = 59.30 € Mr. Doe achieves a yield of 59.30 € per invested Euro in in his first year!

Determine the return on investment for your company now and use the success calculator.

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