Alternative to Ebay for Sellers

Are you looking for an alternative selling platform other than ebay in the UK, USA or other countries around the world? Then our guide is the right place for you. No matter if an account has been blocked, you want to expand your business, you are looking for cheaper alternatives or if you generally want to test other commercial marketplaces and their reach, it is a good idea to take a closer look at this listing of compiled e-commerce alternatives to ebay.

A woman showing a business plan on a whiteboard to a client


Machineseeker is an alternative global b2b online marketplace for used machines. You can offer your machines either as a classifieds ad or as an auction. If you have a look at the rates, you can see the different options and selling possibilities for traders.


If you want to sell large or commercial vehicles such as trucks, vans, construction machinery, forklifts, motor homes or similar, you should take a closer look at TruckScout24. On this alternative selling site, you can, apart from the normal car, basically sell everything that has a mobile base.


Werktuigen is another popular alternative e-commerce marketplace for used machinery and tools in Benelux. Here you can sell various types of machinery such as construction machinery, metalworking machinery, transport vehicles, agricultural machinery, forklifts and much more. It is also a possible platform for sellers who want to trade used or new accessories and tools.