How to receive 100% of our e-mails

Issues you can solve with this article:

  • You do not receive any e-mails from Machineseeker
  • Your invoices end up in the spam folder, or you do not receive any invoices at all
  • You want us to send invoices directly to your accounting department

Receive all e-mails

Sometimes our e-mails do not reach you as we intended. Spam filters on mailbox or server level are the reason. To ensure that messages reach you reliably, we recommend the following: Put our e-mail domains on a so-called positive list. The positive list makes your spam filter know that Machineseeker’s e-mails are always wanted. This way, you will receive all future mails.

Put an e-mail address on a positive list at mailbox level

Microsoft Outlook

To add people to your Safe Senders List, do the following:

  1. Within the Home tab click on “Junk”. Then click on “Junk E-mail Options…”.
  2. Choose the tab “Safe Senders”.
  3. Click on “Add…” and enter “” into the new window.
  4. Then click on “Apply”.
  5. Repeat the process with the following domains: “”, “”, “” and “”.

From now on e-mails from Machineseeker are no longer treated as junk by Outlook.

Mozilla Thunderbird

To create and activate the positive list:

  1. In the menu click “Tools” and then “Message Filters”.
  2. On the right side of the new window “Message Filters” click on “New…”.
  3. Enter “Positive list” in the field “Filter name”.
  4. Check the field “Manually Run”.
  5. Check the field “Getting New Mail” and select “Filter after Junk Classification” in the adjacent dropdown menu.
  6. Check the field “Periodically, every 10 minutes”.
  7. Select “From” in the first dropdown menu on the left side.
  8. Select “contains” in the dropdown menu right of the prior one.
  9. Enter an e-mail address or domain in the text box right of it. In this case: “”
  10. To add another domain, click on the “+” symbol and repeat the previous three steps e.g. with the domain “”.
  11. Under “Perform these actions:” select “Move Message to” in the first dropdown menu on the left side and choose a folder, where the e-mails are supposed to be sent to (e.g. inbox), in the second dropdown menu right of the first one.
  12. Click “OK” and close the “Filter Rules” window.
  13. Now, right-click on your Junk folder, click “Tools” and then “Filter”. Select the filter “Positive list”. From now on our e-mails will not be treated as Junk anymore by Thunderbird.

Positive list at server level

At the server level, you can set a positive list for the whole organization. Since there are many programs and alternatives, we ask you to contact your system administrator to whitelist the e-mail domains „“, „“, „“ and „“.

Send invoices directly to accounting

In large organizations invoices are sometimes left in a department unintentionally. You can give us a separate e-mail address of your accounting department so that you do not have to worry anymore. Just send a short e-mail to