Claas forage harvester: What to do with these error codes? 

Learn more about the meaning of the error codes on your Claas forage harvester here. 

Important! Turn off the engine immediately if a warning message appears or you feel that the Claas forage harvester is not functioning properly. 

List of error codes

Please use the search function of your browser to find your error code in the table of fault messages. 

Error code Module Description 
E-1 CAB Low engine oil pressure 
E-2 CAB Low engine oil level 
E-3 CAB Water pump defective 
E-4 CAB High cooling water temperature 
E-5 CAB Ground drive hydraulic temperature too high 
E-6 CAB Parking brake applied 
E-8 EFA Faulty ground drive potentiometer supply voltage, cooling water temperature sensor defective 
E-11 CAB Low ground drive hydraulics pressure or oil level 
E-12 CAB Charge air temperature too high 
E-13 ESR Metal detector defective 
E-14 ESR Metal detector interruption 
E-15 CAB Enginer speed sensor defective 
E-16 ESR Self-propelled mower adaptor box still connected 
E-17 ESR Feeder speed sensor interruption 
E-18 ESR Feeder speed sensor short-circuit 
E-19 EFA Ground drive hydrostatic motor is not as configured 
E-20 EFA New EFA module: Learning of ground speed control lever potentiometer is absolutely necessary 
E-25 ESR Fault in feeder hydrostatic pump power supply 
E-27 EFA Output of trailer brake PWM valve defective 
E-30 ESR Quick-stop valve is permanently energised 
E-32 CAB CAN bridge module defective 
E-33 ESR ESR module defective 
E-34 CAC Contour module defective 
E-36 GGS GGS module defective 
E-37 EFA EFA module defective 
E-38 KSR Discharge controller module defective 
E-39 ATP Autopilot module defective 
E-40 EFA Solenoid valve hydrostatic pump forward defective 
E-41 EFA Hydraulic motor solenoid valve defective 
E-42 EFA Solenoid valve of 3rd magnet defective 
E-43 EFA Solenoid valve hydrostatic pump reverse defective 
E-44 CAB Engine communication failed 
E-45 GGS Sharpening stone not in parking position 
E-46 EFA Ground speed control lever potentiometer defective 
E-47 EFA Tolerance of ground speed control lever potentiometer exceeded 
E-48 ESR Metal detected in the feeder 
E-49 ESR Standstill of feeder slip clutch 
E-50 ESR No self-propelled mower (SFM) adapter box identified 
E-51 CAB Coolant level too low 
E-52 ESR No feeder speed detection 
E-53 ESR Short-circuit of external reversing push button 
E-54 EFA Termination of learning due to time-out or incorrect start condition 
E-55 CAB No signal from road speed selector 
E-56 ESR Speed sensor L/H mower unit signals standstill 
E-57 ESR Speed sensor central mower unit signals standstill 
E-58 ESR Speed sensor R/H mower unit signals standstill 
E-59 ESR Gear switch failed 
E-60 CAB Gear change did not take place 
E-62 CIS CAB module failed 
E-63 CIS ESR module failed 
E-64 CIS CAC module failed 
E-65 CIS FEM module failed 
E-66 CIS GGS module failed 
E-68 CIS KSR module failed 
E-69 CIS ATP module failed 
E-70 CAB 10 hour service interval overdue 
E-71 CAB 50 hour service interval overdue 
E-72 CAB 100 hour service interval overdue 
E-73 CAB 500 hour service interval overdue 
E-74 ESR Speed sensor front attachment defective 
E-75 EFA Brake pressure switch maintenance exceeded 
E-76 EFA Learning of hydraulic motor current failed 
E-77 EFA Tolerance range of ground speed control lever neutral switch exceeded 
E-78 ESR Walterscheid clutch has responded 
E-79 GGS Sharpening stone worn, readjust 
E-80 GGS Shear bar at stop position, readjust the knives 
E-81 EFA EFA module does not identify any engine speed 
E-82 CAB Cracker roller gap will not adjust 
E-83 GGS No friction resistance (gearbox or spindle defective) 
E-84 CAB Ground speed control lever potentiometer out of allowed tolerance 
E-85 CAC Pitching dampening impossible with this front attachment’s lifting position 
E-88 CAB Ground speed sensor defective 
E-89 ATP No signal from overrider switch 
E-89 ATP Overrider switch short-circuit 
E-95 CAB Gear change not possible 
E-96 CAB Fuel level < 10 % 
E-97 CAB Central lubrication empty, overpressure 
E-98 CAB Air filter catridge clogged 
E-99 CAB Engine power derate active 
E-100 CAB No signal from ground speed control lever potentiometer 
E-101 CAB Low battery voltage < 10 V 
E-102 CAB Excessive battery votlage > 16 V 
E-103 EFA No gear engaged 
E-104 EFA No valid cab position 
E-105 ATP No signal from laser scanner 
E-106 CAC No signal from contour pressure sensor 
E-107 CAC No signal from Accumulator pressure sensor 
E-108 CAC No signal from right contour touch sensor 
E-109 CAC No signal from left contour touch sensor 
E-110 CAC No signal from front attachment height sensor 
E-111 ATP No signal from rear wheel position sensor 
E-112 ATP No signal from right Autopilot touch arm sensor 
E-113 ATP No signal from left Autopilot touch sensor 
E-114 KSR No signal from discharge chute sensor 
E-115 KSR No signal from flap sensor 
E-117 KSR No signal from range sensor 
E-118 CAB 4-wheel drive still active despite road travel > 20 km/h 
E-119 KSR No signal from discharge chute position sensor 
E-123 GGS Safety circuit activated 
E-124 GGS Operating error GGS, wrong engine speed or main drive not active 
E-125 KSR Storage of end stops faulty 
E-126 CAC No lifting reaction 
E-126 CAC No lowering reaction 
E-126 CAC No reaction R/H pivoting 
E-126 CAC No reaction L/H pivoting 
E-130 ATP No signal from right Autopilot solenoid valve 
E-131 ATP No signal from left Autopilot solenoid valve 
E-132 GGS Nu pulses from right shear bar motor 
E-133 GGS No pulses from left shear bar motor 
E-134 GGS Earth line to left or right knock sensor defective 
E-149 CAB Air conditioner defective 
E-150 GGS Limit switch of sharpening stone not actuated 
E-151 ESR Reversing limit switch still activated 
E-154 ESR Metal detector not deleted 
E-155 ATP Seat contact switch not closed 
E-155 ESR Seat contact switch not closed 
E-156 ESR Feeder stopped by seat switch 
E-157 ESR Feeder shut-down due to overheating module short-circuit 
E-161 EFA No ground speed control lever neutral signal 
E-162 KDS No flow meter signal, empty water tank 
E-163 KDS Fault in ULV dosing 
E-164 GGS Note: GGS readjustment is absolutely necessary! 
E-166 GGS Knocking noises do not stop 
E-167 ESR Feeder shit-down due to excessive temperature or excessive current ESR module 
E-168 CAB False signal road speed selector 
E-170 KSR Discharge chute does not rotate 
E-171 KSR Difference of discharge chute position end stop too small 
E-172 CAC Difference of right touch sensor end stop too small 
E-173 CAC Difference of left touch sensor end stop too small 
E-174 CAC Difference of front attachment height end stop too small 
E-175 KSR Difference of discharge chute height end stop too small 
E-176 KSR Difference of flap end stop too small 
E-179 EFA Servo gearshift input/output defective 
E-180 EFA No valid ground speed control lever values obtained 
E-182 CAC Upper end stop not learnt 
E-183 CAC Lower end stop not learnt 
E-185 ATP Touch sensors out of permitted neutral position 
E-186 ATP Rear wheel angle not within allowed tolerance for straight-ahead travel 
E-187 CAB Switch-over to overdrive impossible 
E-188 ATP No sensor system connected 
E-189 KSR Not all end stops were hit 
E-190 KSR Difference between left/right set values too small 
E-191 KSR Upper discharge chute position out of learned limit stop 
E-192 GGS Wrong CAN signals, start cancelled 
E-193 EFA Short-circuit of hydrostatic pump speed sensor 
E-194 EFA Short-circuit of hydrostatic motor speed sensor 
E-195 EFA Short-circuit of high-pressure forward pressure sensor 
E-196 EFA Short-sircuit of high-pressure reverse pressure sensor 
E-197 EFA Brake switch still active 
E-198 FEM No signal from throughput potentiometer 
E-199 EFA Travel release switch not identified 
E-200 ESR No speed sensors on mower units identified 
E-201 ESR Left mower unit speed sensor not connected 
E-202 ESR Centre mower unit sensor not connected 
E-203 ESR Right mower unit speed sensor not connected  
E-204 ESR Attachment still running 
E-205 ESR Pressure sensor of hydraulic feeder defective 
E-206 ESR No front attachment speed identified 
E-211 CAB CAB output pin 2 shut down due to excessive temperature 
E-212 CAB CAB output pin 3 shut down due to excessive temperature 
E-213 CAB CAB output pin 15 shut down due to excessive temperature 
E-214 CAB CAB output pin 16 shut down due to excessive temperature 
E-215 CAB CAB output pin 29 shut down due to excessive temperature 
E-216 CAB CAB output pin 30 shut down due to excessive temperature 

Note: The meaning of the individual error codes may vary between different models. The information in the table primarily refers to the Claas Jaguar 800, Claas Jaguar 900, and Claas Jaguar Terra Trac. If in doubt, consult the manual for your field harvester. 

Contacting Claas costumer service

For questions and repair requests, you can contact Claas customer service. Please find the contact responsible for your region through the dealer search on the manufacturer’s website. To do this, select your country at the top right and click on “Dealer locator” in the same line.  

To receive a direct response to your request, we recommend contacting them by phone. Have the exact machine designation and serial number ready. Ideally, photograph the nameplate of your Claas forage harvester to have the information at hand. The inameplate is attached to the right side of the machine on the operator’s platform on most models. 

Replacing with a used forage harvester

Repairing your Claas forage harvester is not possible or not economical? With a used machine, you can save up to 70 percent on the purchase costs compared to the new price. You can find used forage harvesters in good condition at Machineseeker and TruckScout24.