Jungheinrich forklift trucks: What to do with these error codes? 

This is how you should react if your Jungheinrich forklift truck displays an error code. 

Immediate measures

Switch off the engine immediately if an error code appears in the display of the Jungheinrich forklift.  

In the service manual of your series, you will find a list of the error codes, including typical causes and possible solutions. If the service manual is not available, you can search for it in Jungheinrich’s operating manuals database

To access the manuals online, you must provide the following information in the database: 

  • Vehicle type (see nameplate under the bonnet) 
  • Serial number (see nameplate under the bonnet) 
  • Order number (usually noted on the receipts) 
  • Year of construction (see nameplate under the bonnet) 

The structure of Jungheinrich’s error codes

The fault codes of Jungheinrich forklift trucks consist of five digits and can be identified as follows: 


The components area indicates the defective device(s). 

Digit Meaning 
Several areas are affected by the disorder 
Hydraulics (fork) 
Level (electricity, gas, diesel) 

The event area categorizes the type of malfunction. 

Digit Meaning 
Bug fixed 
General error (e.g. simultaneous engagement of several directions of travel) 
Error is currently occurring 
6  Software 
CAN control 
External error 

The defect number and the sub-index provide detailed information about the error. Its specific meaning may differ between the individual models. Further information can be found in the service manual of your Jungheinrich forklift. 

Contact the Jungheinrich support 

Jungheinrich support can help you troubleshoot and replace components. It can be reached via the myJungheinrich online portal or via the Call4Service smartphone app. You can also contact regional offices and service technicians by phone and e-mail. Please have information about the vehicle type, year of manufacture, serial number and order number at hand for all inquiries. This information can be found either in the manual or on the nameplate or receipts. 

Replace your vehicle with an used forklift

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