Manitou telehandlers: What to do with these error codes?

A Manitou telehandler displays an error code

Find out what the error code displayed on your Manitou telehandler means. 

Caution! Immediately turn off the engine if an error code is reported. 

Error Codes by Category

Below you will find the most common error codes on the Manitou telehandler. We recommend that you use the search function of your browser to find your error code in the table of diagnostic codes. 

Component Error Type of error 
Transmission A00006, A10005, 22001E, 220020  Disturbance 
Transmission 3000A, 3000B, 4000A, 4000B,  Short circuit 
Transmission 42000A Power Interrupted 
Transmission 5000A, 5000B Broken cable 
Hydraulics A00008, A20408, 20010, 20012, 20014, 20017 Disturbance 
Hydraulics 2D0045, 2D0046 Calibration 
Hydraulics 3001B, 3003A, 30026, 30027, 30028, 30029, 4001A, 4001B, 40011, 40013, 40016, 40019, 40026, 40027, 40028, 40029 Short circuit 
Hydraulics 42000B, 42000D, 42000E Power Interrupted 
Hydraulics 50026, 50027, 50028, 50029 Broken cable 
Braking system A10004 Disturbance 
Parking brake 3008F, 4008E, 4008F Short circuit 
Parking brake 5008E, 5008F Power Interrupted 
Acceleration A203EC Disturbance 
Acceleration 2D0024 Calibration 
Lifting arm A203EF, 230130, 230131, 240130, 240131 Disturbance 
Lifting arm 2D0011, 2D0012 Calibration 
Lifting arm  3002D, 3002E, 30039, 4002D, 4002E, 40039 Short circuit 
Lifting arm 420007 Power Interrupted 
Lifting arm 50039 Broken cable 
Low beam left / right 3006B / 3007F Short circuit 
Parking light left / right 30069 / 3006A Short circuit 
High beam left / right 3006C / 30080 Short circuit 
Turn signal left / right 3006D / 3006E Short circuit 
Taillight 3007B Short circuit 
Rotation beacon 40078 Short circuit 

Contact Manitou Support

In most cases, only Manitou Support can resolve the above faults. It is not centralized, but organized via the local sales partners. Use the dealer locator on the Manitou website to find the contact person responsible for your region. To do this, enter your city or postal code here and select “Construction” from the drop-down menu under “Market”. Then find the appropriate category and click on “Show results”. Now you will see the details of your contact person on the right. 

Have the exact machine data ready for your support request. To do this, you can photograph the nameplate, which is attached to the outer front below the windscreen of most models.

Replace your machine by an used telehandler

If the repair of your Manitou telehandler is not possible or uneconomical, you can also replace it with a used machine. Compared to the original price, up to 70 percent of the costs can be saved. Used telehandlers in good condition can be found on Machineseeker and TruckScout24.