Why is a dealer profile useful?

As machine dealer you have the opportunity to create a detailed dealer profile on Machineseeker in less than five minutes. So to speak a digital business card of your company to present yourself and your company.

The buyers do not know you, yet. With your profile, you overcome the anonymity of the Internet and build a relationship with prospective buyers. “Dealers take away buyers’ fear with a professional appearance,” says Machineseeker’s founder Thorsten Muschler.

Increase your number of sales!

Which specific used machinery do you buy and sell? Do you also have display items or even new machines for sale? What is your corporate philosophy? Can machines be tested on your premises? The more information you give the buyer, the better your external presentation works. “Potential buyers inform themselves beforehand. If the dealer shows that he is professional and trustworthy, he will receive more inquiries in the end,” explains sales professional Mario Gorzanelli.

Our experience also shows that well-maintained dealer profiles are visited significantly more. Here the prospective buyers can find your listings and the newest “top offers” all neat and tidy in one place. The best of it all is that potential buyers can send you an inquiry directly when they’re visiting your dealer profile or contact you via phone. Like this you will not miss out on any sales leads.

Add a video to the dealer profile!

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Give your company a face. Show prospective buyers who you are. This does not have to be a complexly produced video. The image quality of your smartphone camera is quite sufficient here. Just be authentic and share something about yourself and your company. Tip: Film in horizontal format and make sure that there is not too much noise in the background. Afterwards, simply upload your video to Youtube or Vimeo and copy the video link into the respective box in your profile on Machineseeker. If you have any questions, simply comment on this article, or contact our support team.