Grote: “The Perfect Platform”

With elektro-technik-grote we were able to win over a major dealer in electronical and mechanical spare-parts two months ago. Owner Stefan Grote shows a lot of enthusiasm towards our marketplace when interviewed by our Head of Sales DACH Mario Gorzanelli: “We even received orders from Asia. Moreover, did the order-numbers in our personal online shop increase!“

As partner of the dealers, Machineseeker places a lot of importance in boosting their name and brand. A lot of Buyers therefore find their way to Grote’s online shop through the marketplace. Apart from the large numbers in inquiries through mail and phone calls, this shows to be an important advantage of Machineseeker against its competition, which makes dealers anonymous. “When looking for a marketplace that lists and advertises our equipment, we found Machineseeker. This is the ideal platform to present our products”, says Stefan Grote.

Based on the more than positive initial phase, Grote already increased his number in listings on Machineseeker to 5,000. We are happy about this win-win situation and a long-term cooperation.

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